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The Building Commissioning Coalition IMG_1712 was established in 1996 originally under the name Neptune Mechanical by John Grichuhin. A former nuclear power engineer in the US Navy, Mr. Grichuhin worked as the Director of Commissioning for ICS. During his time there, he saw a need to augment the education of HVAC service technicians from repair mechanics to technicians ready to install and operate the mechanical systems being installed in tomorrow’s buildings and plants. Thus Neptune Mechanical, Inc. was established to teach engineering applications and advanced training for HVAC technicians.

A Certified Commissioning Firm

In 2007, the company was re-named as the Building Commissioning Coalition to provide a new approach to construction auditing and testing. Since then, BCxCoa has provided quality-focused processes for commercial projects in new construction and existing building commissioning. We have a long history of providing LEED-related commissioning services as well. From museums to factories and everything in between, BCxCoa has the experience and the knowledge to verify mechanical systems and achieve the owner’s project requirements.

Our project management IMG_1896 for building commissioning starts with an initial meeting attended by the BCxCoa team, the Owner’s Representative as well as the design consultants working on the project. Details of the Basis of Design, project schedule and commissioning reviews are established and review dates are put in place. Throughout the construction process, BCxCoa works directly as a part of your team to accomplish the end goals of the project and ensure quality, efficient design of all systems.

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To learn more about the BCxCoa, please contact us through our web form or call 410-713-1630.

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