Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned are one of the beneficial, cost-effective aspects of the commissioning process. Throughout the project’s inception, design, construction and turnover, we discover issues that conflict with the owner’s requirements for the project, negatively impact building operations, or do not meet industry standards or LEED requirements.

The Benefits of “Lessons Learned”

  • Documents project-specific issues that may be relevant to tech-support after occupancy
  • Increases owner satisfaction
  • Increases tenant satisfaction as well as operations and maintenance personnel effectiveness by providing useful information for the post-implementation stage of the project

Our “Lessons Learned” are divided into project inception, construction and systems testing of the building.

  • Project inception phase-We inform the commissioning team of “Lessons Learned” on similar projects
  • Construction phase-Issues we discover are corrected by the installing contractors so that cost and time-impacts on the schedule are minimized
  • Systems testing phase-We monitor testing of all building components to ensure the owner’s project requirements are met and to resolve the outstanding issues while the project is still under warranty

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